(The Blind Leading the Blind)


(Part 4 of 4)


How Do Religions Become Distorted?


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"How Do Religions Become Distorted?"


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The above link leads you to the last of the 4-Part Articles on the "Blind Leading the Blind".  It's insights are very helpful for understanding the current unfortunate state of most world religions.


Pearls of Wisdom


· There are plenty of good reliable spiritual people in the New Age community, but be careful of those who are the “blind leading the blind”.


· Use common sense as well as our hearts in discerning the genuineness of “miraculous” occurrences.


· Avoid “channelers” and self-proclaimed “psychics.”


· The more a spiritual activity solicits money, the less likely that it is being handled in a pure and genuine manner.


· Do not seek manifestation.


· Not all “spiritual healings” are what they seem to be.


· Some forms or aspects of mental illnesses results from lower astral influences.


· Do not be fooled those by who say that we need to “embrace” the darkside in order to be “whole.”  We are Children of Light and our destiny is to become Ascended Masters of pure Universal Light and Loving Kindness like Jesus, the Buddha, Blessed Mary, Quan Yin, Saint Germain and so Many others!


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