Heavenly Beings


All spiritual paths believe in wonderful, masterful, loving, heavenly beings who help the humanity of this earth in various spiritual ways.   They generally fall into four main categories:


1) Saints:  In this case we are talking about those particular saints who have "passed on" and are temporarily helping humanity from the heavenly realms before they come back into physical embodiment once more to continue helping humanity from the physical side of life.  Once they "Ascend" or reach Liberation or Moksha, they move into the "Masters of Light"-"Ascended Masters" category.  To read about some of the great saints in various spiritual traditions please click here: "Saints & Sages".


2) Angels:  Generally angels are part of a vast group of benevolent heavenly beings who have never been in human form.  (Although, evidently there are some exceptions to this, because according to Saint Germain's Ascended Master Teachings the Archangel Michael actually took human physical embodiment on a few rare occasions to help humanity at crucial junctures in human history.)  To learn a little more about Angels, please click here: "Angels".  To read amazing, inspiring, true, real-life stories of people's lives being saved by Angels, please click here: "Angel Stories".


3) Ascended Masters:  Every religion or spiritual path describes exalted spiritual beings who were once kind, humble, incredibly selfless human beings who through conscious Self-Mastery and selfless service to humanity, earned the right to permanently enter transcendent spiritual realms of great bliss and beauty.  Different  spiritual traditions call them by different names such as: Arisen Masters; Celestial Buddhas & Celestial Bodhisattvas; Gods & Goddesses; Masters of Light, the Immortal Ones, and so on.  For convenience I am using the term "Ascended Masters" because it seems to fit for all spiritual paths.  They include such beings as Jesus, the Buddha, Quan Yin (Kuan Yin) - the Goddess of Mercy, Blessed Mary, the Ascended Master Saint Germain, The Goddess of Wisdom, Lao Tzu, and many, many others.


These loving, kind Celestial Masters are very, very real and we can pray to them for help and assistance in all aspects of our lives - spiritual and non-spiritual. They are infinitely loving, kind, compassionate, wise and caring towards us and all life everywhere through all of the vast infinite realms of the Cosmos as they humbly, lovingly and joyously serve GOD and spread GOD's loving kindness and Light everywhere through the Cosmos.


And most importantly, the destiny of each and every human being is to eventually become an eternal Ascended Master just like they are!!!  If we're suer sincere, and "give it all we got" - then we might even Ascend at the end of this lifetime or early in the next lifetime! Then we will be living in beautiful eternal bodies of Pure Light.  And we will be forever wise and infinitely loving and kind to all beings throughout the Cosmos.  To learn more about your own future spiritual destiny, please click here: Ascended Masters.


4) Avatars:  In the Hindu tradition, the Sanskrit word, "Avatar", refers to those few rare instances where some part of the GODHEAD has come down to earth to be born as a human being to prevent the forces of darkness from completely overtaking the earth at important times of transition.  They come to lead humanity back to the light when there is a danger of the entire world falling completely under the control of the forces of darkness.  In the Hindu tradition "Avatars" are usually known as "Incarnations of Vishnu". The most well-known ones include Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, and the devotees of Sathya Sai Baba consider him to be an Avatar.  Also, in some Hindu traditions Jesus and Buddha are considered to be Avatars.


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