Lullabies for all Ages


(Including Us Grown-Ups)

These are beautiful lullabies or songs that have a soothing lullaby-like effect.  They're just as soothing for grownups as they are for children and are wonderful for all ages.   Try listening to these soothing songs when you feel frazzled after a tough day and see if you don't feel at least a little happier, more relaxed, and optimistic. We hope you love them as much as we do.   Feel free to email us with any suggestions of similar songs that we might add to this list.  Thank you


Lullabies Sung by Shaina Noll: "Songs for the Inner Child"


While singing her little daughter to sleep one night, Shaina Noll was inspired to create an album of relaxing lullabies for adults which has become a New Age classic. And as the years went by she created additional albums of soothing, healing songs which promote self-acceptance and inner peace.  They're very sweet!


"Songs for the Inner Child"


  How Could Anyone

  It's a Joy to Get to Know


  Return Again   * * *

  Everything Possible

  You Can Relax Now   * * *

  Peace Be With You

  All Through the Night

  Lullabye and Goodnight

  Lullabye "Like Ship in the


  Deep Peace


More Lullaby-Like Songs by Other Artists:


Fairy Nightsongs, sung by Gary Stadler, Lisa Lynne & Stephannie  * * *

Garden Lullaby, instrumental version by Gary Stadler

Garden of Dreams, sung by Gary Stadler & Stephannie

Good Night, sung by Julie Hammarback

Goodnight My Angel, sung by Celtic Woman   *   *   *

Hawaiian Lullaby, by Sunday Manoa   ***

Invocation, Gary Stadler and Wendy Rule

Jesus we adore You, sung by Choir Queen of Peace Medjugorje   ***

Lokah Lullabye, sung by Haris Lender

Swimming with Dolphins, sung by Juliana

When All Is Forgiven, sung by Ashana   *  *  *

Ye Dharma, sung by Anael & Anael & Bradfield



*   *   *


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