Meditative & Instrumental Music


There's a lot of beautiful meditative music out there. The following albums and songs are just a few.  And even though some of these songs may not have specific "spiritual" names, they have a wonderfully soothing, uplifting effect on our subtle spiritual energy fields which is quite a blessing for us. I hope you like them and find them to be a blessing for you.  And of course I hope to add a lot more in the future.


Deuter's Soothing New Age Albums:


Album: Buddha Nature, by


Album: Earth Blue, by

Deuter   * * *

Song: Earth Blue  * * *

Song: Earth Light  * * *

Album: Reiki Hands Of Light, by Deuter

Album: Sun Spirit, by Deuter

Album: Sea & Silence, by Deuter


Dan Gibson's Solitudes Albums


The following Dan Gibson's "Solitudes" Albums contain a unique blend of soothing instrumental music blended with sensitively recorded nature sounds, especially various bird songs.  If you like nature and relaxing music, you will probably love these:


Album: Angel's Embrace   * * *

Album: Island Retreat

Album: Dolphin Dreams   * * *

Album: Forest Guitar

Album: Gentle World

Album: Land Of The Loon

Album: Mountain Sunrise

Album: Tranquil Cove   * * *

Album: Whispering Woods

Album: Woodland Flute

Album: T'ai Chi (Music for Wellness)

Album: Angelsong: Choral Classics By The Sea, various classical pieces sung by operatic soprano April MacKenzie, blended with nature sounds.


The only place I know to get the following music is from  These albums are exceptionally soothing:


Album: When It's Time For Letting Go, Vol. 1, (Music to Heal the Heart)

Connie's Butterfly, composed by Rohani Shardad   * * *

Eternity, composed by Rohani Shardad   * * *

Album: When It's Time For Letting Go, Vol. 2,

(Music to Heal the Heart)

Album: Feather on the Breath of God, by Erin


Album: Empty Hands - Full of Grace, by Erin

Jacobsen with Rob Whitesides-Woo


Nature Spirit Themed Music


The Angels Voice, Diane Arkenstone  * * *

Fairy Nightsongs, by Gary Stadler, Lisa Lynne &

Stephannie  * * *

Fairy Ring, by Gary Stadler & sung by Singh


Garden of Dreams, by Gary Stadler, Lisa Lynne

& Stephannie  * * *

Invocation, by Gary Stadler and Wendy Rule

Laura's Hill, by Gary Stadler & sung by Singh Kaur

Spark In the Night, sung by Singh Kaur

Suddenly Yours, by "2002"



By the way if you would like to read some

delightful true experiences with the Fae and Nature Spirits

please click here: True Nature Spirits Stories


Miscellaneous Artists:


Bruce Mitchell: Album: Earth Heal


Miscellaneous Compositions:


Gaelic Morn, composed and performed by Bruce Mitchell

Nightingale ( sLive), composed by Yanni & sung by Lauren Jelencovich



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