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Thank you!!!

- Bill Gaum


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What People (& Squirrels) Are Saying

About Our Website!


As I get feedback from readers like you, I will be putting selected quotes here.  So please share with me what you like about the website!  Thanks! - Bill  "Contact Me"

(I launched the website on December 7, 2014)



"I love your website and I love the stories of kindness. - Blessings with infinite love and gratitude!"

- Dr. Shanhong Lu, MD, PhD,  Mount Shasta Integrative Medicine




"Hello, Bill, thank YOU so very much for the present of your website so generously offered free to all of humanity! I have browsed the site a few times since I first accessed it and have felt spiritually refreshed from each visit! A big thank you also to Jack Hawley for offering his workbook for self-refinement (Roadmaps to Self- Realization) similarly free of charge on  your fabulous site!  Please keep it going--I will keep recommending this website to my friends!"

– With best wishes, RL, (A retired physician from Vancouver, BC, Canada)



"Thank you for sharing this divinely inspired work . . . there’s divine finger prints all over the website!"

- Sanjai, New Jersey, USA



I love this site! As a former Jehovah's Witness and searching for truth, peace, and light it has given comfort and renewed my faith. I am a practicing Buddhist now and use your site regularly.

– Namaste & God Bless, Phoebe.



"WOW!!!! What a great site for spiritual seekers!!"

- SS, West Virginia, USA



"I find your website to be a delightful oasis - a soothing place to take a mini-vacation and remind myself of what is really going on around me. And I'm especially grateful for the animal page. Too many people don't understand what the four-legged souls are doing for us.  Thank you again for this kind, gentle, spiritually uplifting website."

- Karen K, Maryland, USA



"I really love this website. It's the most beautiful and inspiring thing I've ever seen on the internet."

- RM, California, USA



"This is a site of pure love and light."

- Barbara, San Diego, CA, USA



I'm only part way through the website, but everything I've read so far is perfect! I am a 30 year old mother of two near Glastonbury in the UK, trying to piece together motherhood and family life with my own spiritual journey.  Thank you!

– D.R., Glastonbury, UK



"I love it!"

- DG, Gaithersburg, MD, USA



"This is such a wonderful, beautiful and inspiring website. What a labor of love!! It has so much information and inspiration. And the pictures are just gorgeous! Thank you! I will be enjoying this site for a long, long, long time and recommending it to all my friends."

- LM, San Francisco, CA, USA