Self-Realization Prayer


This is a prayer that I (Bill) created to help remind me about how simple the concept of Self-Realization really is. In the prayer, the terms "Mother-Father GOD"; "Beloved I AM Presence"; "Infinite Atma"; and "Infinite Creator, Great I AM"; all refer to GOD or aspects of GOD, and are used interchangeably.  It's the feeling that the prayer inspires that I find helpful.  I hope you find this prayer helpful, too.


- Bill Gaum (co-creator of this website:


Self-Realization Prayer


Dear Heavenly Mother-Father GOD,

Whenever I AM loving and kind,

it is really You,

pouring Your Love through

this part of Yourself which I AM,

to bless other parts of Yourself.


Oh Beloved I AM Presence,

Whenever I AM wise and have an understanding heart,

It is really You,

expanding Your Divine Mind,

through this facet of Your Being which I AM,

to bless other facets of Your Being.


Oh Infinite Atma,

Whenever I AM serenely courageous,

and go forward to do what I know is right.

It is really You,

moving Your Power through this aspect of Yourself which I AM,

to bless other aspects of Yourself.


Oh Infinite Creator, Great I AM,

Whenever I AM loving, wise, and helpful,

I AM Your Love, Your Wisdom, Your Power in action.

I AM simply an outpouring of You!

And when I become perfectly pure and selfless,

I will be a perfect outpouring of You.

I will then continually experience that

I AM You and You are Me,

And We are One.


Oh Beloved Mother-Father GOD,

Thank You for expanding through Me,

This growing awareness of Self-Realization!

I AM now awakening to the full realization that

You are my True Self!

I AM You and You are Me,

We are One.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


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Over time I will be adding more prayers in this prayer section.  It takes a while to create a website like this!  I pray that your prayer life will be deeply rewarding.  - Bill


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