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A "Universal Approach" to Spirituality



In this section of the website we approach spirituality from a "universal" viewpoint that assumes that:


#1. GOD is real. And GOD is all loving, all knowing, and all powerful.


#2. There is only one GOD. Different cultures and religions may call GOD by different names, and explain and describe God in different ways. But, in reality it's all the same: one GOD.  (In other words, it doesn't matter whether we call this Benevolent Universal Presence: "GOD"; our Creator; the Infinite Buddha Nature; the Divine Mother; the Tao; Brahman; Mother Goddess; the Source; Jehovah; the Great Spirit; Allah; the Great I AM; Paramatma; the Great Mystery; the Supreme Being; our Mother-Father GOD; or whatever - it's all the same wonderful all-knowing, all-loving Divine Presence.)


#3. The Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, and other great spiritual teachers were all basically teaching the same core spiritual truths. Many times their teachings appeared to be different, because they used the unique words and concepts that were appropriate for those particular cultures at those particular times in history. (Of course, each of them also brought forth new unique teachings for humanity.)


#4. The Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Quan Yin, Saint Germain, the Goddess of Wisdom, and other great spiritual teachers have a deep brotherly-sisterly love for each other, and are all closely and happily working together for the upliftment of humanity, and would like us to do the same.


#5. It is a blessing to try to understand GOD and spiritual teachings in the simplest, purest, most universal ways - ways that most religions and spiritual paths already share in common. These spiritual truths include the following beliefs: there's a Divine Purpose to life; the importance of being kind, caring and compassionate towards others; and the reality of life after death, heavenly realms, angels, and other divine beings.


It may be helpful to illustrate the "Universal  Approach"

with the following analogy:


We're All Climbing the Same Mountain!


It is as though we are all climbing the exact same huge mountain, but we're simply using different paths. So from the point of view of the pilgrims of varying faiths each religion seems to be a unique path with different goals, destinations and purposes. But what they don't realize is that the higher they go up this divine mountain and the more infused they become with GOD's Divine Mind, the more similar all these "seemingly separate" paths gradually become.  And, even more importantly, when they eventually reach the top, each person will arrive at the exact same divine destination and blissfully merge with the same Divine Reality. Then they will continue with their spiritual growth in the Higher Realms as Eternal Beings of Light - ever growing in the unending spiral of spiritual evolution as universal Sisters and Brothers of Light seeing the Oneness of all Life.


In summary, the "Universal Approach" acknowledges that there is one spiritual reality that pervades all life, all matter, and all energy throughout the universe in all realms.  It is the same transcendent, loving, caring, all-knowing Universal Divine Presence, essence, consciousness and reality. But people tend to interpret and describe it in their own unique ways based on their upbringings, cultural norms, traditions and religious expectations.  But it is still the one same reality. As mentioned, we can call this universal spiritual reality: GOD, our Divine Mother, the Great Spirit, the Infinite Buddha Nature, Brahman, Allah, our Mother-Father GOD, our Divine Father, the Light, the Source, etc. For convenience, in this website, we will usually refer to this Universal Divine Presence as "GOD" or "our Mother-Father GOD".


It doesn't really matter what we call GOD. What matters is how we interact with GOD. Do we invite this universal spiritual intelligence into our hearts and minds to inspire and guide us in our day-to-day living and devotion? Do we pray to GOD? Pour love and devotion to this Divine Presence? Intune to it? Merge with it in meditation? Do we value it? Revere it? Adore it? Contemplate it? Do we ask GOD to pour loving kindness through us in everything we think, feel, say and do? That is what determines how we experience its reality within and around us.


Our Universal Truths Topics:


The following are some of the topics we will be exploring here. Please feel free to click on anything that your heart pulls you to, and then come back later to check the rest.  (Some of these articles are just brief overviews, while others are deep, extensive and multifaceted with various subtopics and pages.)  To begin exploring this Universal Approach to spirituality please click on any of the following:




Belief in GOD


Is there a Supreme Being?




Life's Purpose


What is the Purpose of Life?








What is Liberation or the Ascension?:  Can we eventually progress spiritually to the point where we can graduate from "limited consciousness" and move permanently into Realms of Light as Eternal Beings of Pure Light and Loving Kindness fully One-in-Conciousness with GOD?




Prayer & Meditation


Does Prayer and Meditation actually work?  And what are the best techniques that give the best results?




Our Higher Self


Do we each have a unique Soul, Atma or Higher-Self ?  If so, then how can we learn to intune to it, pour love to it, and work with it so we can increase in Self-Mastery?





What is Self-Mastery ? Are we here to become kinder, purer Souls and eventually, Masters like Jesus and the Buddha?  If so, then how do we do it and how come it seems to take so long?




Heavenly Beings


Are there Heavenly Beings ?  If so, then what kinds are there and how can we ask for their help?



How Do Religions Become Distorted?


How Do Religions Become Distorted?  Have you ever wondered how the teachings of various religions have become so distorted from the original simple pure teachings of Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna, etc?  It's fascinating and very helpful to understand!




Miracles & Grace


Miracles and Grace. Read wonderful inspiring true stories of loving kindness; Near Death Experiences; people's lives being saved by Angels; amazing miraculous answers to prayers, and so on.




Loving Kindness


Loving Kindness is the golden thread that weaves its way through all spiritual teachings. Devotion to GOD, as well as becoming an outpouring of GOD's loving kindness in everything we think feel, say and do, is the heart and soul of all spiritual paths.  So here we will examine the all important role of various kinds of Loving Kindness in our lives:





Dangers on the Path


(Including how sneaky lower astral beings

can lead us astray with fake spiritual experiences.)


Crucial insights into the little known, but treacherous Dangers on the

Path that we can encounter when we're lacking in spiritual discernment.

This one could save you not just a lot of pain, heartache and embarrassment, but it might even save your life!


Intro to "Dangers on the Path"


Dangers of Channeling:

Here we learn about how we can be fooled with fake visions & voices and their disastrous consequences.

Dangers of Channeling, Part 1

Dangers of Channeling, Part 2

Dangers of Channeling, Part 3

Dangers of Channeling, Part 4


"Thought Forms":

Part 1, Intro to "Thought Forms"

Part 2, "Stray Thought Forms"

"Cathy & Debbie's Story" - How friendships & marriages are often destroyed by sneaky astral forces.  – A Must Read!


The Blind Leading the Blind:

The Blind Leading the Blind, Part 1

The Blind Leading the Blind, Part 2

The Blind Leading the Blind, Part 3

The Blind Leading the Blind, Part 4


Learning Wise Spiritual Discernment:

Learning Wise Spiritual Discernment, Part 1

Learning Wise Spiritual Discernment, Part 2

Learning Wise Spiritual Discernment, Part 3

Learning Wise Spiritual Discernment, Part 4




Divine Guidance


Safe ways of receiving Divine Guidance:


Intro to Divine Guidance:

Basic Divine Guidance


Advanced Divine Guidance:

Advanced Divine Guidance, Part 1

Advanced Divine Guidance, Part 2

Advanced Divine Guidance, Part 3

Advanced Divine Guidance, Part 4








Karma: How we treat others, is eventually how we too will be treated.






Heavenly Realms


Heavenly Realms






Golden Age of Loving Kindness


Some insights into the coming Golden Age of Loving Kindness.






Self-Realization: Is it possible to eventually become

aware of our true Divine Nature?






Reincarnation: it takes more than one lifetime to learn the lessons of Self-Mastery - the lessons of courage, kindness, compassion, humbleness, purity of intent, as well as to acquire the wisdom of the right use of divine power.





Happy Landings Dear Friends!!


Please remember, Dear Friends, that the key to our spiritual growth, expansion and progress comes from simply putting these simple truths into practice in our own lives - so that we become the living proof of these truths. It is a gradual process that we accomplish little by little, but as soon as we start the process, we start making progress! After all, a successful spiritual journey can only begin by taking the first step, then the second, then the third, and then as we begin to strengthen our spiritual legs and muscles, we will then begin to gain confidence and enjoy the journey.


So please click on whatever topics above that your heart pulls you to.



Take care and blessings on your spiritual journey of awakening!


Happy Landings Dear Friends!!


- Bill


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